Dr. Philip Chan

Dr. Philip Chan, Consultant Medical Director with R.I. Department of Health, and Associate Professor in Division of Infectious Diseases, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, RI. Dr Chan is a fellow at Alpert Medical School’s Division of Infectious Diseases, a program hosted by Brown-affiliated hospitals and is attending physician in infectious diseases at The Miriam and Rhode Island hospitals.

Crisis is a very powerful teacher. One thing that we’ve seen and learned time and time again is that we do so much better when we come together and support each other.

Philip A. Chan, MD, MS

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Jeff Vankooten

Jeff Vankooten is a professional speaker and hospice chaplain who currently focuses on home health, home care, and hospice. He is also a senior consultant with The Caring Project, which leads workshops for caregivers to discover their unique caring style.

As much as we might wish it, our world is not becoming more stable or easier to comprehend. The changes are just too prolific. So are the challenges to our personal lives and ‘business as usual’. It’s crunch time. What does it takes to lead through such times? What are the abilities needed to succeed? How do you bounce back with robust resiliency?

Jeff Vankooten

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Anita Foster

Anita Foster-Horne, RSW, MSW, Ph.D., Co-Founder, COO, Fostering Healthy Solutions. Dr. Anita Foster challenges people to reposition their emotions and consider others’ perspectives.

Diversity is not just about race but also includes gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, perspective, experiences and more.

Anita Foster

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