Keynote Speakers

Hear from keynote speakers who will inform, inspire, and challenge conventional thinking. The 2022 conference has the region’s best education, taught by the experts you respect, and explicitly designed to help your agency reach new levels of excellence in care and financial performance.

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Curiosity & Connection

Breakfast Book Club

Concurrent Session Speakers

Mission Critical: Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy & Engagement

OASIS E: Preparing Your Agency For What We Know So Far

Strategies to Promote Independence in Your Clients with Dementia

Buy, Hold or Sell? What’s Right for You?

Home Health and Hospice in the Hot Seat: The Compliance in 2022

Home Health and Hospice in the Hot Seat: The Compliance in 2022

Getting a “Clean OASIS”: Balancing Speed & Accuracy

The Perfect Storm- Navigating QAPI, HHVBP, PDGM and STARS

Why Should You Provide Behavioral Health Now?

End of Life Doulas and the Interdisciplinary Team: A Volunteer Program

Regulations to Records: Compliant Charting

Leading in Times of Transition

Sustainable Hiring and Retention Strategies for Your Organization

Closing the Workforce Gap by Transiting New Nurses to Home-Based Care

A Wrinkle in Care: Ironing out Ageism with Age-Friendly Care

Leading Through CY 2023 Changes: Transition to OASIS and HHVBP Expansion

Messaging a Merger: Positioning Your Organization for Success Today and for the Future

Six “Must Pack” Essentials to Survive & Thrive the Wilderness of Grief and Trauma of COVID-19

VBP: Connecting Finance and Quality Management

Leading Through the Great Resignation: Recruitment, Retainment and Redesign for Today’s Leaders

Goal- Concordant Care: The intersection Between Drugs and Disease for Those with Serious Illness

Analytics as Your Agency’s Nervous System