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12:00 pm Conference Keynote

The COVID-19 Pandemic: What have we learned? Where do we go from here?

Dr. Philip Chan, MD

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For over a year home care and hospice agencies confronted supply shortages, changing testing regiments, employee and client fears, staff shortages and a frenzy over vaccines. How have the struggles of the COVID crisis formed the way we will move forward?  Dr. Philip Chan will review the challenges encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic from a public health as well as clinical standpoint. This timely and important conversation with Dr. Chan will focus on some of the sweeping changes health care has seen from the pandemic response and lessons learned. 

Dr. Philip Chan, Consultant Medical Director with Rhode Island Department of Health, and Associate Professor in Division of Infectious Diseases, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, RI. Dr Chan is a fellow at Alpert Medical School’s Department of Medicine,Division of Infectious Diseases, a program hosted by Brown-affiliated hospitals and is attending physician in infectious diseases at Miriam & Rhode Island Hospitals, Medical Director, Do-It-Right STD Clinic.

1:00 pm Concurrent Break-Out Sessions

The Art + Science of Transforming Business Development to Drive Referral Growth and Customer Experience

Androscoggin Home Healthcare and Hospice in Maine wanted to transform its referral management infrastructure to expand access for more patients and families. Androscoggin worked with Simione to create a customer experience growth mindset that positions them to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges of a complex, dynamic, and evolving market environment.  This leadership change to business development has shifted Androscoggin’s approach to referral growth using data analytics and innovation focused on the customer experience to transform access to care. Simione and Androscoggin experts will share the details of their journey from analysis to strategy, and finally to the marketplace in this interactive forum.

Frederick A. Duah, Androscoggin Home Healthcare + Hospice,
Melynda Lee, Simione
Christina Andrews, Simione

Sean Hackett, Simione

Optimizing multi-channel communications in distributed teams

There are more ways to stay in touch today than ever before, yet all these extra “channel” choices can cause confusion and make it harder for us to build team trust and communicate effectively. In this interactive session, we’ll identify simple, practical steps to take both individually and collectively to get organized, reduce stress, and elevate your multi-channel communication skills.

Kate Mercier, Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice
Mari Anne Snow, Sophaya

Baystate Health Community Palliative Care Program

The Community Palliative Care Program at Baystate Home Health is addressing community needs for advanced care planning and management of chronic illness, and has had an impact on hospital readmissions, and on their hospice program. While palliative care can be provided to those receiving curative or aggressive treatments or therapies, the Baystate program is unique in how it utilizes a team of specialists from home health who work with a patient’s doctors to develop the best plan of care. Degen will discuss the challenges and opportunities the team has incurred as well as share goals, objectives, and metrics thus far.

Martin Degen, Executive Director and COO, Baystate Health
Jean Jaoude, Chief Medical Officer and Baystate Health

2:15 pm Conference Keynote

The Brilliance of Resilience

Jeff Vankooten, senior consultant The Caring Project

Change and stress are wearing down many caregivers. We need new approaches to energize us and to restore our spirit and morale. This keynote introduces nine resilient habits for using uncertainty to your advantage and thriving in a world of disruption and change. Jeff’s approach helps leaders, businesses, and organizations develop the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly unpredictable business environment.

Jeff Vankooten is a professional speaker and hospice chaplain who currently focuses on home health, home care, and hospice. He is also a senior consultant with The Caring Project, which leads workshops for caregivers to discover their unique caring style.

3:15 pm Top-10 Express Learning Sessions

Returning to the “New” Normal

What are the Top 10 factors needed to prepare for the end of the public health emergency and CMS waivers? Let’s review a check list of what you need to consider relative to changes in regulations and staffing, as well as how to apply lessons learned going forward

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Payroll & HR Challenges in Home Care

Your caregivers are your greatest company asset and your biggest source of liability. A review of whether and how you can have HR practices in place to help mitigate risk and and maximize potential.

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Discover Wound Management Solutions for More effective & Efficient Healing

Can your wound care program be more efficient? Yes it can! A world-leading medical solutions company will show you how.

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4:00 pm Networking Groups

Mingle like you
would in real life!

Our virtual networking groups aim to connect home care and hospice professionals from around New England, without leaving the house or office to participate. Virtual networking can be an amazing resource for you and referral source for your business.

Engage your network, drive collaboration, stay up-to-date, and share best practices

We have set aside this time for you to engage with your peers in facilitated and far reaching discussions. Simply join an existing group session from the list, or create your own topic category.

Make the most of it!

Virtual discussions and networking is new and let’s face it… awkward. It can still be very rewarding for everyone involved; give it a chance!

Some tips on how to get the most from your virtual conference experience:

5:00 pm Virtual Reception & Trivia

Make your own cocktail and join fellow attendees for this fun networking event while testing your knowledge with virtual trivia!

This will be an event that tests your trivia prowess. Try your best guesses on general knowledge trivia questions across a plethora of topics: Pop Culture, Music, History, Geography, Sports, Science, and more, nothing is off-limits! Compete with your team for the best score and fabulous prizes. Best of luck!

This event is complimentary and open to all conference attendees.

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