Day at a Glance

8:00 am Coffee Hour

Join your state association’s executive director for an informal update.

8:45 am Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Unharnessing the power of culture to recruit, inspire, and retain caregivers

Over the past year the world has experienced a global pandemic, an increasing demand for care, a fear of the vaccination, and record-high unemployment rates. Caregivers, like all of us, had their world flipped upside down. Join us for a session on trends and culture. Together, we’ll explore how creating a culture of care internally can be your biggest weapon to recruit, retain, and engage caregivers.

Maggie Keen, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, myCNAjobs

Re-Grounding your Agency with a Vision for Growth after a Year of Emergency Management

Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice sought to evaluate and improve its business development efforts after seeing diminished volume in the initial stages of the pandemic. During this evaluation they discovered important lessons about how the agency’s management philosophy and communication strategy had evolved and was preventing them from achieving their best performance. The findings demonstrated that to maximize growth they needed to diversify strategic goals, break down silos, establish a structure to manage a coordinated strategic plan and integrate business development with the mission and operational processes. The speakers will share how Lake Sunapee VNA has improved growth, heightened cross-departmental collaboration strengthened its leadership decision-making,and re-invigorated its brand.

Jim Culhane, CEO, Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice, Andrew Eaves, a.m.e consulting

Points Compensation Model

Compensation is not just paying people to show up, it is a signal that incentivizes groups to work together for common goals. In 2019, Cornerstone VNA in Rochester, NH moved from an hourly compensation model to a fee-based compensation model. This strategic change has revolutionized the agency’s overall clinical productivity, clinician efficiency and staff satisfaction. Take a deep dive into the data with the experts at Cornerstone to review the research, and the legal limitations and benefits behind a fee basis point compensation model. Discover how to assign points to visit and non-visit tasks, strategies on how to roll this out with your clinical staff and how to get clinician buy in, as well as lessons learned in the process. Cornerstone has been able to document efficiencies in clinical care and increased productivity, all  while balancing clinical and quality needs.  Changing payment models and staffing challenges require creative solutions. Learn if this method could work for your agency.

Jennifer Gullison, Kerrie Landry Cornerstone VNA

10:00 am Speed Exhibiting

Sponsored by:

11:00 am Conference Keynote

Blind Spots of Diversity, Inclusion & Implicit Bias

Anita Foster-Horne, RSW, MSW, Ph.D., Co-Founder, COO, Fostering Healthy Solutions

Diversity measures our ability to share differences, build relationships, and be creative thinkers. Inclusion measures our ability to embrace these differences through participation. Implicit bias limits our ability to be successful in diversity and inclusion efforts without even knowing it. Join Anita Foster for this captivating look at the dynamics of diversity and inclusion and discover our ability to see the blind spots of implicit bias. Foster will examine how training and mentorship can expedite professional development, engage diverse ideas, and leads to improved customer experiences, faster innovation, and greater staff retention rates. 

12:00 pm Quick Hit Session

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