Matt Zavadsky (MS-HSA, EMT)

Matt ZavadskyHome Health & EMS-Based Mobile Healthcare: Match Made in Heaven, or Shotgun Wedding?

In several communities across the country, emergency medical service (EMS) providers are transforming their care delivery model from the traditional “you call, we haul” model to a Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) model. This presentation will cover how EMS, home health, and hospice agencies can work together to help their patients and each other.

Zavadsky is from MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Forth Worth, Texas, where he has implemented a robust mobile healthcare program in partnership with organizations such as Klarus Home Care and Vitas Healthcare to work on improving patient care and reducing preventable utilization of healthcare resources. He has consulted on numerous EMS issues including high performance EMS system operations, public/media relations, costing strategies, and public policy. He has written a book on the subject (published by Jones and Bartlett) to help other communities implement similar programs across the country.

Registration for the conference is now open.

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