In 2010, the home care associations of New England decided that they could deliver greater value to their members by combining their separate annual conferences into a single regional meeting. After the success of that first meeting — which brought together more than 400 home care leaders from more than 120 agencies — they decided to continue the collaboration.

The 2021 NEHCC Virtual Experience

Participants and marketers are going to love connecting with a broader audience at the 2021 New England Home Care and Hospice Conference! Our virtual conference is far more than a simple zoom call meeting or webinar. We have designed the 2021 Virtual Conference as a multi-day event hosted online, with keynotes, panel discussions, live entertainment, educational sessions, training and certification, sales product demos, industry trends/thought leadership, product training/adoption, and more.

While we are anxious to meet in person again in soon, this year’s virtual conference is a great alternative for relationship building, sharing ideas, lead and demand generation, and quality education targeted at New England’s home care and hospice professionals.

Experience the Region’s Best Conference

The best part of the New England Conference is the education; all of the keynote presentations and breakout sessions are top notch.  Those are the reasons I attend, along with the great opportunities for networking with my peers and new contacts.

-2019 Attendee

The New England conference gives our company an opportunity to build in-person relationships. Even with today’s marketing options, building relationships is still the most effective way to reach new customers.

-2019 Exhibitor

Presenting at the New England conference gave me the opportunity to meet others with similar interests, and learn valuable information from people working on similar disaster preparedness programs. I also built my professional network, who will be resources in the future.

-2019 Keynote

Participating Associations: