In 2010, the home care associations of New England decided that they could deliver greater value to thier members by combining their separate annual conferences into a single regional meeting. After the success of that first meeting — which brought together more than 400 home care leaders from more than 120 agencies — they decided to continue the collaboration.

Experience the Region’s Best Conference

The best part of the New England Conference is the education; all of the keynote presentations and breakout sessions are top notch.  Those are the reasons I attend, along with the great opportunities for networking with my peers and new contacts.

-2019 Attendee

The New England conference gives our company an opportunity to build in-person relationships. Even with today’s marketing options, building relationships is still the most effective way to reach new customers.

-2019 Exhibitor

Presenting at the New England conference gave me the opportunity to meet others with similar interests, and learn valuable information from people working on similar disaster preparedness programs. I also built my professional network, who will be resources in the future.

-2019 Keynote

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